I think it took me until 30 to realize that, even though we're living in a panopticon prison, the camera that's watching you doesn't necessarily have human eyes monitoring it. And even when it does, the human eyes watching the screen aren't necessarily connected to a brain that gives the slightest shit about you.

For someone resigned to living in the panopticon prison, I fuck up a lot. I don't know if it's because I've been allowed to fuck up with relative impunity, or if it's because what I consider a fuck up isn't anything that'll jiggle any meters.

I'm the kind of person that gets one tattoo in her life, in the Designated Tattoo Rebellion Zone (upper arm). Tolerance, I suppose, is built into the system. Too stringent a system, you end up squashing something good, like art or music. Too free? Never been such a thing, not even before video cameras and social security numbers. Hell, before all this, peasants were kept in place by another kind of ubiquitous surveillance.


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